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It's not hard to reduce your waste this holiday season, while maintaining your cruelty-free values. Join me on this holiday's journey!


aila cosmetics vegan nail polish

Available at There will be a giveaway posted on my Instagram @brittanyjulian at 5 pm (MST). Winner will be announced on December 24th.

homemade beauty products: lip balm, toothpaste, lavender deodorant, mouthwash, coconut + peppermint sugar scrub; the options are endless!

a journal that gives back

a tin of vegan chocolate chip cookies or vegan peppermint bark

a bin of reusable kitchen towels

glass jewelry box


other gift ideas:


  • Create wrapping paper from old paper grocery bags.

  • Wrap your gift in a thrifted scarf (or one you have and don't use anymore!)

  • Use recyclable tissue paper, I found some at my local Hobby Lobby.

  • Put your gift in a reusable canvas bag.

  • Decorate your gifts without tinsel, which will only be sent to landfill.

  • Use pieces of scrap pine from your Christmas tree to garnish your gifts.

  • Buy a roll of brown paper on Amazon or in store that can also be recycled. Any paper with "sparkle" cannot be recycled!

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