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Hana Zebzabi

The one and the only, legendary photographer and film director Hana Zebzabi. This woman was pure kindness before I even met her and when I finally did she made me feel like I was a long lost friend. She has a spirit that makes you fall in love with her, and then you see her art and simply can find no flaws. Hana is from London and spent a brief time in Los Angeles and New York shooting models all the while she effortlessly made lifelong friends. She came up with this ingenious idea to have a shoot of all the people she met while she was in LA and connect us with each other, and for a few hours that day we had a studio full of fresh faces that left us all in awe by the magic that is Hana. She wanted to capture the most authentic versions of ourselves on film to acknowledge the fact that we all are the artists of tomorrow, and we are all forever grateful that she crossed our paths.

Find the beauty that is Hana at and @hanazebzabi on Instagram.


I met Chloé through Instagram when we decided to do a collaborative photoshoot for her eyelash extension company, Martini Lashes. When I met her she was dressed in a cheetah print fit with pink fluffy slippers and was graced with a highlight that you can see from Mars. I stepped into her iconic studio painted with bubblegum pink walls, decorated with vintage furniture, and hung with my favorite Hollywood icons on a board for inspiration, with candles and classic music to set the mood for the daunting 2 hour-long application of my lashes. Chloé is an icon to me because she is not only career-driven but client-driven as she exerts kindness and consideration to everyone she meets. She is a woman of great compassion and drive that I am proud to call a friend. Her art may live atop of my eyeballs every 3 weeks but I have a feeling her future is brighter than her highlight.

You can find Chloé's work at and @martinilashes on Instagram.

Shae Brock

Shae Brock is a soul sister of mine that is known for her work as a pop artist and singer-songwriter based in Venice, CA. Shae has a gift in spreading light to the world and sharing her love for life through her music and performance. Throughout the years, I've been able to watch her prosper as her authentic self which has always served as an inspiration me. She's a woman who taught me self-love through the trust she has in her individuality and utter fearlessness in following her dreams and chasing them with every fiber of her being.

Her favorite things about herself are her ability to listen to her heart and the hearts' of others, her ability to take risks that benefit her truth, as well as her confidence in sharing and knowing her vulnerability is a risk but also a magical experience.

You can find Shae's sweet smile on Instagram @shaebrockmusic, and please do check out her newest single "YOU," out now.

Kyley Schultz

A best friend, student, writer, graphic designer, aspiring journalist and so much more. Kyley is a rare gem that not only supports but invests in the success of her friends. Throughout my journey of writing and publishing 'loves me not, loves me,' Kyley was right by my side giving me the feedback that I was so desperate to hear. Of course friends can't heal you, but if they could I know that would be Kyley's primary objective. From coffee dates and journal swapping to a lifetime of success, I can already see it in your shining eyes.

She loves: rainy days, Chicago, strawberry waffles, Frank Sinatra, too many people.

Find her as @kyleyschultz on Instagram and


This is my day one. The only person who understands me in the times where I think I'm on the brink of insanity. We're connected by our hearts full of passion. Her heart holds a special spot for children, as she pursues a career in pediatric nursing she will be caring for those who will grow up to become the leaders of tomorrow. I asked her to speak on her calling and this is what she told me: "I think children born with defects and diseases have no voice. They have to live in this world, yet to create karma, they've done nothing to deserve a life of pain. If I can be the one to cure their disease, cancer, or help them in any way by being a companion, a friendly face, anything, I know I've fulfilled my purpose." This woman has a heart of gold and forever amazes me with her selflessness. As a fellow vegan, I am inspired by her passion for the environment, climate change, and remaining in constant education of the world around us.

Her favorite things about herself: her family and culture, where she comes from and where she is now, her curly hair and her pretty figure (that booty).

You can find her on Instagram, @alicianegretee.

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