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We've all been there, a point where you're utterly convinced that you can't live without someone. Spoiler Alert: you can and you will. The healing begins with learning. You learn about love by those who love you, but just as well by those who don't. You learn what you want in a partner and what doesn't fulfill you—whether practically, sensually, or romantically. No one knows you like you know yourself. Each experience of your heart and body is an opportunity to learn. You'll learn about yourself and craft yourself into a partner that is radiant with love, and you will attract the same beautiful heart in another. No matter the pain, you will see a day where you thrive. An easy way to invest in yourself is to visualize and manifest a life of happiness centered around your goals and success will soon follow. Don't be afraid to make yourself a number one priority. You deserve to not only heal, but to be the best version of yourself, full of pure love.

Heartbreak nearly killed me, or so I thought. Despite the pain, I made some rad decisions because of it, as I switched up pouting with cycling classes and watched my calves make a first time appearance. Heartbreak also brought out the artist in me. A wicked man sure as hell aided some beautiful poetry, which served as an inspiration to craft my first poetry collection: 'loves me not, loves me.' My first heartbreak made me realize my life-long dream of wanting to be an author AND doing it with no excuses! Post heartbreak's daily cry sessions on the bathroom floor, I have become a beautiful woman that I am proud to be. No situation should strip you of your beauty, talent, and inner goddess, and if it does: be patient with yourself, take time to heal, you will conquer this pain. Take the time where you may be feeling lonesome to spend time alone and learn about your interests and talents and actively pursue them. Do the things you've been afraid to do, go the places you've always dreamed of, fall in love with yourself before all else. You are in control of your reaction to this pain, will you let it devour you or will you overpower it? The choice is yours. 

You must know that no journey is the same, but please use your pain as a gift. Eventually, you will reach your greatest potential and you will appreciate the love that subsides this ache. Love will find you again, but until then love yourself with each fiber of your being and the goddess in you will serve as a light to all the world.

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