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• The importance of gratitude. I am so gracious for the constant love around me and the blessings surrounding my dreams becoming reality. I have learned how to be confident and humble.

• I need to acknowledge my feelings without judgement, which is an ongoing cycle in the process of self-love. We are too harsh with ourselves. I've happily acknowledged that I'm human and there are many intricacies to my identity that I might not understand. Instead of inhibiting my emotions, I feel them. Simultaneously, I will not let any negativity ruin the beautiful plan I have for my life. I am in control of my destiny and it will be kind.

• I've begun to love myself so wonderfully. I can now look at my body in the mirror and truly believe that I am sexy. I am honest with myself, knowing that I can be a work in progress which is amazing simply because I am working on myself. It is the beauty within me that matters most, after all.

• Working out is some serious soul food. There is a union between body and mind that is crafted with pure magic.

• I am and always be my number one priority. When I feel ache for those who have grown astray, I know that my self-love surpasses theirs. I will not hurt any longer for those who don't deserve it. I will have a heart full of love but I will wait on no one. The truth is that no one that will invest in you like yourself. So give yourself the love you've been missing. 

August, be kind.

All the love,


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