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Be unapologetic. Whether it's an accidental "I'm sorry" that slips out when the barista messes up your coffee order or when someone lets you cut them in line at the grocery store because all you're buying is a bottle of Alkaline water. Learn to accept and say thank you, instead of blaming yourself. Be gracious and kind to yourself and others.

  • I need to project my self-love by living authentically. I am working on fearlessly being myself.

  • Invest in those who invest in you. I've taken a moment to see who my true friends are as few have been affected by my absence. 

  • No answer is also an answer. Someone's silence will always speak a million words.

  • Mental health is just as important as physical health. 

  • Writing is my therapy. I'm thankful that my words have the power to heal me.

  • Every action has a reaction. Think before you speak, words have the power to hold a heavy weight.

  • Pray for those you love. Pray harder for those who have caused you pain.

  • Drink more water! At 130 pounds I need about 90+ oz of water a day and +15 oz for every hour spent exercising.

  • This world needs more love. Keep on spreading it.

  • In the grand scheme of things, you are the only one that will be there for you. Love yourself through every thought and word you have about yourself. Hold positive notions on your identity. There is only one you, take good care of yourself.

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