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Why Millennials Love Poetry

I have fallen in love with the art of escaping. The feeling of being a speck in an endless world, while simultaneously reaching the epitome of self. That is what I call poetry. Poetry has made its home in me because I am a highly emotional human that is constantly evolving and I have been given the ability to learn and share in others' pain, love, and utter experience. That is a gift, my friend.

Other millennials who might cry less than I do on a daily basis, have proven to need an escape mechanism too. We live in a world where technology consumes us all, myself included as I'm writing this blog post on my Macbook Air, yet many of us crave something more. My theory is that poetry is a direct route to isolation, a beautiful place that cannot be reached through the many screens we hold our eyes to. You might be thinking, "Oh yes, all books seclude us from nonsense and technology, so why do you think poetry is the real great escape?"

Well, I think it because I know it. I've lived it. I've traveled to the worlds that poetry takes me. Millions of "unintelligent, self-absorbed, young kids" have too. Due to poetry being a quick read, I can have an 18 unit load of classes at USC and still take a moment to reflect and instantly get in touch with my emotions. In a day and age that stops for no one, the grand appeal of poetry is its short length that has you flying colors in minutes, and within the hour you've experience every scale of emotions. An hour spent reading poetry is an hour of growth, for each page tells a different story and I am a new woman when I read each one.

Poetry serves as a reminder of the uniqueness of the human experience and the utter bliss of being able to resonate with someone you'll never know simply because their few sweet words found a way to live forever in your brain, or simply given you an hour of peace away from a phone that's constantly buzzing.

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