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loves me not, loves me is a book of poetry split in half between the realities of heartbreak and falling in love with someone who reciprocates each desire of your heart and turns it into a garden of roses. This collection reveals the interdependence of love and loss. Love is the mother of all things. She is the hand that lifts you up from the immense sorrow exposed by heartache’s arrival. This pain enables you to grow as your escape mechanisms have already left you empty handed. It is pain that brings the truth of the feeling, the reality that we are human beings who are destined to face the honesty of loss and the chaos of love. Both are unconfined in their power, yet we must decide when our sacrifice has run dry, in order to return to a love that will give us an eternal bloom. loves me not, loves me is insight for the immensely consuming coexistence of pain and pleasure, reminding us of this blessing in disguise, the ability to embrace our emotions and live authentically.

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