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Brittany Julian is an actress, writer, and stand-up comedian based in Los Angeles, California. Brittany is originally from Paradise Valley, Arizona where she started attention seeking (performing) at age 5. Brittany studied classically at the British American Drama Academy in London before graduating from the University of Southern California's School of Dramatic Arts. Brittany recently created a comedic web series entitled Good on Paper, about 3 twenty-somethings who flourish in their careers but are left to navigate the chaos of their personal lives.  

Outside of her love for acting, Brittany's passions include comedy, travel, health, fitness, and podcasting. Brittany launched her own wellness podcast, Crazy Sexy Healthy out now on all streaming platforms. Off-screen and mic, Brittany is likely found consuming buckets of iced coffee, dancing on a spin bike to Britney Spears, or crying in a movie theater. Keep up with all things Brittany on Instagram @brittanyjulian.

a conversation with brittany

Q: What's the scariest thing you've ever done?

A: Going skydiving with my dad on my 18th birthday!

Q: What's something you could eat everyday and not get sick of?

A: Sweet potatoes or chocolate chip cookies, depending on if i'm being healthy or not.

Q: What's your sign and do you believe in that stuff?

A: I'm a virgo and I believe in the characteristics that say I'm organized and empathetic to a fault, because both are true!

Q: What's your coffee order?

A; Almond milk cappucino!

Q: If you could live in any time or place what would it be?

A: 1920s New York City because of the Great Gatsby, I love the fashion and the glam of that era.

Q: What would your Ted Talk be about?

A: The importance of being honest and how our vulnerability is our power. I'm super into Brené Brown's Ted Talks.

Q: What's your favorite smell?

A: The ocean, campfires, santal 33 perfume by le labo, and vanilla candles.

Q: When's the last time you cried?

A: ..... today, probably.

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